Pokemon Super scramble







Posted on the 5th of July, 2011 (By Admin)



Pokemon have announced a sequel to the wiiware game "Pokemon rumble" and (as you can see) it's gonna be on the 3DS this time round, pictures and even a trailer have been released so I'll make a page including them and go into detail on what the game is all about.

                                       Black and white Epic journey (pt 4 )



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Sorry for the delay, I was very busy over the past few days. But anyways i've got the video up now . Today's episode involves the first gym battle.



Ps: Game section stil in progress.




                      Black and white Epic journey (pt 3)

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Here's todays episode of pokmeon black and white: The walkthrough.


In other news i've made a downloads page where you'll be able to download any emulators or roms you may want to play . Check it out


Ps: Pokemon Games page is in the making

                               Poketube long awaited update arrives









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As many of you have been asking recently, yes you can add your own videos to the "Poke tube" But make them suitable or they'll be taken down.

I've updated then poketube which now contains full Hd videos. Poketube will now be updated in all Hd and we have around 100 videos on offer at the moment.


Ps: Keep following the pokemon black walkthrough

                     Black and white Epic journey (pt 2)


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Here's Todays Pokemon black/white walkthrough video.

Not much going on in pokemon land at thr moment.


But with this quietness, we suspect some major news could be approaching fast .

Well hopefully.

http://www.arkeis.com/images/animations/backsprites/b622.gif http://imgboot.com/images/aragornbird/569.gif

                         Black and white Epic journey (pt 1)

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Finally, a full walthrough guide which we're gonna go through bit by bit, so keep an eye out for each new video that comes out.



Ps. Look below this for admin joining

                                                  Staff   now  wanted!


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 Looks like it's that time of the year again, recruiting time! If your interested and want to become a staff member/administrator of the site. Just leave a comment in the new chatbox that i'll add under the "Poke Chat" section.



 Ps. Summer's closing in and fast :D


                               Poketube, gradually update + Art reminder



 The poketube has/is being updated. With new sections of "Gym battles" and "ledgendary pokemon battles" added. More will be added in the following days.

Remember- You can stil take a look at the art gallery, add your own art,

(Just easily sign up here).

Or comment on any good (or bad) photos. -You don't have to be a member to comment.